Cambridge Food Security Forum is excited to be at Espresso Library on the evening of 1 March for a discussion on the global and personal impact of meat consumption. With ever increasing demand for meat, it is time to assess the impact that our personal choices have.

We have three great speakers joining us –

  • Tim Benton is the UK Food Security Champion. He will help us understand what meats have the most and least impact on our health and the environment.
  • Tim Hayward, the owner of Cambridge favourite Fitzbillies, will argue for continued meat consumption, but lesser amounts of higher quality meat and consumption from head to tail.
  • Alice Kabala, food blogger @Thoughtful Forkfuls, will talk about ways to have a nutritious and varied meat-free diet.

We will post a summary of the evening’s discussion for those that are unable to join us.

Many thanks to Cumberland Lodge, Quorn and the Cambridge Global Food Security Strategic Research Initiative for making this evening possible.

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PhD student in the RNA Silencing and Disease Resistance group, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge Claire's current research is on the mechanisms of RNA silencing in a green alga, a simple plant species. RNA silencing is a term that describes a number of critical regulatory pathways that are found in plants and animals and further understanding of these pathways could see the development of biotechnological solutions to issues of crop yield and plant disease.

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Squash the beef at Espresso Library | · March 3, 2016 at 11:30

[…] at Espresso Library on Tuesday: Squash the Beef, organised by the Cambridge Food Security Forum. Squash the beef: a discussion on the global and personal impact of meat was designed to draw attention to the urgent […]

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