Food gives life. It provides energy, strengthens social bonds and enriches culture worldwide. Our collective hunger has remodelled the globe. We have flattened forests, emptied seas and developed an incredible range of technologies to satisfy our collective appetite. Parts of the world have unrestricted access to nutritious food, but many regions are in desperate need of calories or micronutrients. Millions suffer and die from an excess of food while millions suffer and die from a lack of it.

The Cambridge Food Security Forum was launched in 2015 by PhD students and young researchers at the University of Cambridge. We want to promote discussion amongst researchers, community groups and all who are interested in achieving a sustainable food system.

Steering Committee

Co-chairs – chair@cfsf.co.uk

Claire Agius and Luke Braidwood

Senior Treasurer

Professor Sir David Baulcombe

Junior Treasurer – treasurer@cfsf.co.uk

Alexandra Bell

Secretary – secretary@cfsf.co.uk

Greg Mellers

IT Officers – it@cfsf.co.uk

James Elderfield and David Godding

Other Members of Executive Committee

Ciara Dangerfield, Marcel Meyer